FranzHartmann.org is created as a tribute to the life and works of Dr. Franz Hartmann, a Bavarian-American, physician, theosophist, occultist, geomancer, astrologer, and author of numerous esoteric works.

This web site will be a work in progress, with the goal of providing information about his remarkable life and to provide his writings to the general public.

Recommend Readings

Magic, White and Black or The Science of Finate and Infinite Life, containing Practical Hints for Students of Occultism.

Hartmann Quote of the Week

"No man can show to another the light if the latter is incapable to see it himself; but the light is everywhere; there is nothing to hinder a person to see it, except his love for the darkness."
Hartmann, M.D., Franz. In The Pronaos Of The Temple Of Wisdom. 1 st ed. Boston: Occult Publishing Co., 1890.