The bear market is something that a lot of people do not hear about when they start investing because they are always told to invest in things that are bullish. However, people have made a lot of money on just betting against bear markets. Jim Hunt published through VTA Publications a manual that shows people how they will be able to make more money than they have ever made before. Making money is simple using the Wealth Wave plan, and making money becomes a continual process.

Continuous earnings are easy to find when the reader is looking for as many bear markets as they can find. There are a lot of bear markets all happening at the same time, and Jim Hunt wrote about them in a way that shows people how to find them and use them to their advantage. Using the bear market to one's advantage is only possible when reading the Wealth Wave book.

The Wealth Wave is published by VTA Publications because they want to offer people the best ways to make money and get more work done. They have focused on things that will help all their readers have better lives, and they are trying to put out the most relevant content that they can find. Relevant content helps people be better employees, and it helps them make more money when they are in a high pressure business.

The VTA Publications plan is to make sure that they can bring readers thinks like the Wealth Wave, and Jim Hunt is a welcome member of the team because of his writing style. He has taken something really complicated like bear markets, and he has broken them down into something people can invest in. His plan will build wealth, and it will give investors more options.  They also have a shop with plenty of other handy products, to help people learn more effectively.

Entrepreneurs often experience financial struggles when they first open up a business. They are not always prepared for the road that lies ahead of them, and it can be difficulted for the business to get up and going. Often times, first-time business owners fail within the first three months of their business's operation because they are not capable enough to start up their business.

An individual named Mike Baur was sick and tired of watching new business fail because of lack of preparation so he and his partner decided to come up with a business to help start-up companies get their feet off the ground. This business is called the Swiss Start-up Factory AG. The Swiss Start-up Factory AG was founded in 2014 by Baur and his co-founder and it offers excellent opportunities for entrepreneurs. The Swiss Start-up Factory AG runs a three-month-long start-up accelerator program to aid in services, coaching, mentoring, and office space for first-time entrepreneurs and businessman.

Mike Baur started his career twenty years ago in the Swiss banking industry. Baur has the experience and education to back up his career goals with an MBA from University of Rochester New York as well as an Executive MBA from the University of Berne. Baur worked hard to establish himself in the financial world he started out at as a commercial apprentice at UBS and managed to secure himself a spot on the executive board of a large Swiss banking firm. Baur was only thirty-nine years old when he and his co-founded founded the Swiss Start-up Factory. His main focus in the Swiss Start-up Factory is the financial aspect of the business. His many years working in the banking industry has aided in his success. Even though the Swiss Start-up Factory has only been around for a couple of years, the company has landed itself the number one spot among the ICT Startup Accelerators in Switzerland.

When Baur is not working hard for his company he spends a lot of his free time with the Swiss youth entrepreneurship aiding young entrepreneurs in their future endeavors. Baur believes in the power of entrepreneurship and the power of being successful by the work of a person's own hand. Baur managed to work himself up to being a very successful entrepreneur and he believes others are capable as well.