Wengie’s Endless Useful Life Hacks Come From Her Passion For Discovery


Not only is Wengie one of the most popular vloggers on the internet, she is one of the most free-spirited and upbeat Australians with mass internet appeal. Her approach to life includes an obsession with “hacks.” These are tips and tricks for transforming everyday tasks into interesting adventures. They also make difficult and tedious tasks easier, or customized to a personal style.


Some of Wengie's most important contributions include her “Did You Know” vlogs. In the modern world, there is a tendency for people to dismiss the importance of objects and systems that they come across each day. Life is full of stress and questions, and not noticing tiny details is a way for people to lessen the strain. If more people took Wengie's approach however, a revitalized relationship with the mundane can reveal extraordinary pieces of useful information.


For instance, in the aforementioned vlog Wengie starts with a look at a simple deck of playing cards. She points out that the King of Hearts is the only king without a mustache. This was due to a malfunction in the original printing press for this design. The King of Hearts is also known as the “suicide king” because it looks as if he is running himself through with his own sword. Knowing these two facts automatically would make a person more knowledgeable about card history than most game players.


Wengie is undeniably a girl's girl. She provides knowledge in this vlog that is very practical and useful for women. She tackles intimate subjects with a humorous and candid nature that makes the subjects approachable. If a woman has ever wondered why there is an extra cotton panel in the gusset area of panties, Wengie explains it. The panel isn't there because of specific anatomical construction, or storage of items as some people assume. It's there because it is nearly impossible to make a clean final stitch that completes the undergarment's pattern.

Wengie's life hacks vlogs continually present useful and fun information that can be employed by anybody, or just watched for sheer entertainment. Few people on the internet have Wengie's passion for discovering the why and how behind things typically taken for granted.